I am not surprised to see that I already have followers

I suppose I should now take the time to welcome you to the blog of the one and only Rachel Barbra Berry ✫! I am sure that you have all jumped at the chance to follow a rising star and I assure you that you have made absolutely the right choice. Having been informed by many reliable sources that despite an attempt to revive MySpace through a relaunch it is decidedly dead, I will admit that it was in consideration of my fans, present and future, that I decided to invest in one of these blogs. My thinking was simple as in order to reach my fans I must be part of the most upcoming and lively social media. A star must be present if she is to glow as brightly as she wants. 

For those of you who are claiming that you merely ‘stumbled’ onto my blog, I have decided to give you a brief recap of the recent events in my life. If you wish for a more extensive and detailed version of my life then you are advised to read the description part of my blog as I have laid out as much as I am willing to give now without jeopardizing my future autobiography, turned film. In the past two years I have helped revive, and by helped I mean I have revived, the flagging glee club at my school. We are known as the New Directions for those of you who are painfully unaware of my most recent activities, and through my talent and perseverance, despite the dead weight of my teammates, we made it all the way to Nationals this year. I have to say due to some unfortunate, and clearly ridiculous, judging we did not lift the much-desired trophy at the end of the competition but I can assure you I do not plan to graduate without leading my choir to glory and therefore this is the year of the New Directions, and me, Rachel Barbra Berry, and you have been watch out. 

But surely, you must be asking, such a shining star as yourself must have dreams outside of merely achieving National show choir success? I am pleased to inform you, anon, that my dreams are far bigger than that. I am pleased to inform you that you are currently reading the post of a future Broadway star, and my time in Ohio is now very limited. Indeed I am about to enter my final year in this state before I journey to my one true home, New York and the Great White Way. I plan to attend NYADA come Fall 2014, having visited the school already during our trip to Nationals and realized it is where I am destined to be educated in my craft, and I can assure you from there my dreams will only unfold further. You can look forward to giving me standing ovations in my roles as Fanny in Funny Girl, Laurey in Oklahoma and Maria from West Side Story, and watching me win my Tony at the tender age of only 25 on your television screens. As I won my first dance competition at the tender age of only three months all this success is only inevitable, after all. 

I think I have now surmised the most important developments in my life of late and therefore all there is left to do is encourage you to send me as much fan-mail as possible while you can as I can assure you I will be extremely busy in the upcoming months. I fully intend to to keep you all up to date on these exciting developments through this technological format, and that includes multiple recordings of my voice to make up for the loss many of you will be feeling over at the MySpace community. I can already feel this is going to be a successful venture for all involved!

Lots of love and stardust,
Rachel Barbra Berry 

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    Excellent! Let me know what she says.
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    Actually no. But I signed up for a couple musicals. Does that count? Trust me, it’s a traumatizing experience working...
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    Good, I’m glad, and no, all I require is your presence!
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    You and that song. You never get tired of it, do you? Eh, it’s alright. I end up smelling like Breadstix all the time....
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    No I have just thought it was a show set in a bakery since I’d never heard the term bunhead.
  6. jake--justjake said: So…what I’m getting from all this is you’re pretty into yourself.